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Garage Epoxy Floors

Are you tired of walking in your garage only to end up with dirt on your feet? Or would you like to improve the interior appearance of your garage without doing any major updates? We can help. At Garage Makeovers, Inc., we offer garage epoxy floors in Pampano Beach that can give you the look you’re after. With this type of flooring, you are left with a new surface on top of your traditional flooring that’s easy to keep clean and looks incredible. When you have it installed by our professional, the design options are limitless.

Whether you want a unique design that compliments your car or something basic and solid, we’re here to help. Our design team will help you create the floors you want and then our installers will take care of the rest. Being an affordable way to make your garage look like new, we can’t recommend this enough.

Garage Cabinets

Your garage is one of the best places to store things outside of your home. However, stacking bins can be dangerous and finding space for small items can be difficult. This is where garage cabinets can come in handy and save the day. With a wide variety of sizes and styles, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want to keep your garage and home more organized. Our team installs these to stay put using the best reinforcements and installation techniques possible. With that, you can use these with ease and enjoy keeping your belongings safe without putting more clutter in your home.

Garage cabinets in Pompano Beach have never been so easy to have installed! Call our team today to learn more about what’s right for your needs and to receive a free estimate.

Garage Organizing

Do you struggle with keeping your garage organized, even with tool benches? At Garage Makeovers, Inc., we want to help with the smartest and most attractive garage organization solutions in Pompano Beach. Our design team has solutions that will store everything you keep in your garage, from small nuts and bolts to large pieces of equipment. You can discuss these with them to find the layout and cabinets or shelves that work the best for you, in particular. Once you’ve come up with the appropriate design, we will implement it within just a few days.

By working hard and quickly, you are left with a beautiful garage that’s easier to use for organization than ever before. That can make it easy to reduce clutter and keep things where you need them at all times!

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